Providing SaaS - Ecoland - CH Group

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has emerged as a driving force behind business transformation. At NGSI, we specialize in designing and delivering innovative SaaS solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and strategic decision-making. A shining example of this is our recent collaboration with CH Group through Project Ecoland.

The implementation of Project Ecoland with CH Group has proven highly successful, as evidenced by the sale of over 3,000 apartments across the three projects. Moreover, Ecoland has facilitated transactions amounting to over 4 trillion VND, showcasing the remarkable commercial potential of well-executed SaaS solutions.

Essential Features of Ecoland:

  1. Sales Management: Project Ecoland's sophisticated sales management tools have been instrumental in streamlining CH Group's sales processes. With capabilities including pricing, payment term structuring, promotion management, and contract administration, Ecoland has revolutionized the way CH Group approaches sales.

  2. Finance Management: With Ecoland, CH Group enjoys the benefits of integrated financial management, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and the ability to forecast future financial trends effectively.

  3. Building Management: Ecoland's robust building management feature offers CH Group a comprehensive tool to manage real estate assets, monitor building status, oversee maintenance tasks, and ensure operational compliance.