NGSI desires to be a house for dozens of business sectors

Focusing on no single division, NGSI chooses the strategy of bringing all suitable fields together, letting them support each other; hence, any of them will reach to the zenith.

Simplify operations with automation. Best service is provided through network automation in faster and more effective way. 

We innovate a solution that combines networking, security, analytics, and management to support users taking full advantages of clouds when connecting in a multi-cloud world. 

We will provide a solution that help turn your network into a digital transformation acceleration platform. You will operate, optimise, and secure your network with our support so you can manage performance, cost, and risk.

Data centers play a significant role in reorganizing in digital transformation era by large and small enterprises in digital transformation era. 

Advanced technology generates the mass hunger of users for communication and idea collection. That leads to a demand of workplace collaboration, which allows your organization to increase productivity and innovation.

We are living in a world with more data, more users, and more connections, there are more demands of protection. At the same time, cyberattacks are constantly evolving, getting smarter and more complicated.

Open up new business opportunities for Service Providers, including delivering secure connection, Transporting IoT data traffics and signals and monetizing standardized APIs.

An advanced wireless network helps your organization run smoothly and work effectively while your data is protected from cyberattacks. 

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Welcome to NGSI

Following our strong desire of doing good things for others, NGSI began our adventure around the world to appear in Vietnam, where we can create our own story of developing the next-gen of technology and innovation that creates amazing experiences for customers.

So far, it is the biggest dream we cherish. Connect and combine solution of smart world, technology, collaboration, security, hardware and software under hands of passionate young talents.

After years satisfying thousands of customers all over the world, we now have enough faith and confidence to announce the emergence of NGSI in which, again, thousands of ambitions are raising and waiting to be blossomed.

Say hello to the future and join with us!

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