Core values

Power is the ability to do good things for others.


Constant expansion: There is no boundary for the activities we aim at. We are not stopped by the space, making use of both online and offline environments. We don’t hesitate because of time, placing our activities and businesses all over the world. Concerning about the resources, if we don’t have anything, we will cooperate with those who own these things. That is all what makes NGSI’s ambition of touching everyone, accessing all human’s senses come true.

Connection: NGSI, with the desire of building another Silicon valley, spend a lot of time and efforts on seeking for and building relationships with a number of partners who have enough feasibility, achievements, and above that, same dream with us.

Research and Development: Non-stop learning and applying world-wide achievements to both products and management is the key factor deriving NGSI different and more competitive than our opponents.

Investments into Human: Existing in an environment where nothing is more reliable than human’s creativity, we put a lot of enthusiasm into supporting talent, a lot of investments in creating and maintaining talented human resources, respecting and protecting them as a source of business lifeblood.
  • Support for student organization: We selected Global QTN for their development-oriented organization based on finding, fostering potential talent and giving them the varied, plentiful, durable relationships
  • Create great learning and practicing environment: NGSI notes that good attitude is not the most important factor for success. That is why we organize training courses, internships with highly pressure jobs so that people have a good attitude will become people with good knowledge and skill
  • Provide total support: not only caring about staffs, NGSI, but also, places great trust in young Vietnamese people as a source of manpower for the enterprise; so we are willing to make major investment fund for start-up projects, helpful courses and meaningful events for startup instructions Vietnam
Client’s pleasures: Let the customers guide us and shape our activities! For NGSI, the only owner we have is customer, so only when we make customers happy and satisfied, we can make success.
Market coverings

From online to offline, from houses to roads, NGSI appears wherever business happens. People can hear us on radios, see us on websites, touch the hardwares we make, smell and taste the food we bring to our events.

Non-stop creativity

The great efforts to expand business divisions by always making new things derives from our deep understandings that the market is very competitive and human demand never stops growing.

Big differences

For NGSI, difference is not enough. We aim at big differences which come from our whole organization, appearing in our products, our workplace, our principles and our staffs.

Our strategies

Capital can just help us give birth to an entrepreneur. To keep it alive, the most important thing we need is right strategy

Right people

Working without passion will lead people to nowhere; hence, NGSI chooses staffs not based on their certificates but their dreams. Elevating ambitious people to the top so that their results can be the best is the culture we are breeding in NGSI

Plenty of partners

Building relationship is always the top criteria in NGSI, thanks to which we have established a powerful team of partners not only varied in number, guaranteed of quality but also stretched across many fields.

Advanced technologies

"Take a shortcut to head" is a golden opportunity that the era of information technology has brought to NGSI. By "standing on the shoulders of giants" and non-stop creatively learning, we always carry ground-breaking technological achievements in the product and in business management.

Work process

World-wide proven rules and regulations for work feasibility under the support of modern software have been adapting to NGSI, which contributes to our better results with less efforts and time invested.

People at NGSI

Our culture is not something created by the boss and put on staff; vice versa, staff’s nature has shaped and maintained the culture we adapt to at NGSI.

Adapt to the pressure: Stress work environment, detailed work break structures, daily specific objectives require the high adaptability, huge passions and respectable efforts from our staffs; thus, no stress can make them step back

Continuous learning: To catch up with the pace of innovation in the business, our staff themselves regularly research, explore new solutions to meet the new demands constantly arising in the market and organizational environment

Good attitude and clear orientation: We don't create an environment to prevent the self-development of staff, vice versa, we encourage creativity, risk-taking and responsibility which acquires our staff to have good problem-oriented thinking with positive psychology at work

Open-minded: Hardly can a reserved person go with the environment at NGSI where innovation can be counted every second. Our staffs themselves are willing to try new things, new methods and responsible for their mistakes.