Open space for Innovation

It is not hard to find a place to work, but a place to grow inspiration and passion is another story. That is why you need NGSI whose open sapce gives you one-of-a-kind chance to go through your every intersting idea.

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You can be the best version of yourself once you are NGSI

For a very long-lasting life, NGSI is your best choice because we allow members to enjoy a well-balanced combination of academics, outdoor activities, social contributions and self-development.

Contribute to building truly prosperous, sustainable societies

We engage in a wide range of activities that contribute to the well-being of communities around the world based on an awareness of our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.

Any voice is heard in NGSI

There is never something called discrimination between staffs and interns in NGSI. We do respect for all great ideas and talents, let people with talents to be leaders regardless of their ages, genders, nationalities.

Take chance and be a part of us!

Once becoming a part of NGSI, you will not be amazed at usually meeting new collegues since we hardly say no to talents throughout the world. Don’t you hesitate because we can not wait to seeing you! Say “Hi” to NGSI, you will certainly be welcomed!